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AppAlarm & The Stock Android Music App

March 28, 2010 15 comments

So you want to wake up to your own music playlist, but the stock music app in Android doesn’t seem to want to auto-play. Well guess what, AppAlarm can do that, you just need to set it up correctly…

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Android, Taskkillers and AppAlarm

March 27, 2010 5 comments

IconThe number one e-mail I get goes something along the lines of, “AppAlarm didn’t go off, wtf duuuude!?!?” and my first response is always “Do you use a taskkiller? Have you killed AppAlarm?” Needless to say, the answer is almost always, yes and yes. Now this is not so much the user’s fault as it is the taskkiller’s. None of them do a very good job in explaining how they work. So I wanted to make a couple of things clear.

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