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Word of Mouth

March 27, 2010

Price: Free
Download: http://drdmkt.com/1


Word of Mouth shows you a list of all the Third-Party apps installed on your device and lets you create and share a unique and short URL for each app. This link (which points to drdmkt.com) will open up the Android Market directly to the specified app, when it is accessed from the android browser. When accessed from a PC however, the link will forward to cyrket.com allowing the user to view the app description and comments. Cyrket also provides a barcode for each app which the user can scan to open the market to the specified app page. The current version of Word of Mouth also allows you select multiple apps at once and create one single link for all of them (example: http://drdmkt.com/4k_2_3_1).

It’s an app that I started writing after seeing a friend of mine who had just gotten his first Android phone. He had not seen all of the awesome stuff that the market had available and I wanted to show him some of the apps that I know and love. Everything went fine while he was physically there and I could show him where to go and what to search for, but after he left I realized I had forgotton to mention one of my absolute favorite apps. Thats when I realized that there was no easy way to send someone a link to an app.

I have no idea wheher Word of Mouth will take off or not, but I’m hoping it will be beneficial to both users and developers by giving people a way to spread the word about quality apps. Honestly, this type of linking should really just be a feature in the Market itself, but it’s not, so I built it.


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