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March 27, 2010

Version: 1.0.7
Price: Free
Download: http://drdmkt.com/3

IconAttention: if you have Android 2.0 or higher, then take a look at Dialer One instead (http://drdmkt.com/1kr). I have to admit, it bests SuperDial in just about every aspect, and I don’t have the time to bring my little app up to speed. I wont take SuperDial off the market but I wont be actively supporting it either.

SuperDial is a simple, quick (mostly) and clean replacement for the standard Android Dialer application. It displays your call log when launched and allows you to search through your contacts via the custom on-screen T9 kepypad. It has lots of customizable options including one to display contact photos while searching (although this slows down the app significantly at the moment).

While SuperDial is not yet a polished and finished product, I’ve been personally using it for several months and I find it invaluable (ok, so maybe I’m a little biased). Some people love it, some people hate it, but try it out and make your own decision.


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