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NYC Bus & Subway Maps

March 27, 2010

Version: 2.2
Price: Free
Download: http://drdmkt.com/2

NYC Bus & Subway Maps offers something very simple, yet invaluable to both native and tourist alike. Complete offline access to the official MTA Subway and Bus Maps for all five boroughs of New York City. A return to it’s original no-frills design, NYC Bus & Subway Maps is an app you can count on working when you need it most. When you first launch the app, you won’t have any map’s available, but all you have to do is click the “Download Maps Now” button and select as many or as few as you want and download them all at once. No more hoping you remembered to save that BX Bus map when you’re already on the train!

Some of you may be wondering… “Hey, didn’t that app used to be called NYCM-”   STOP!    …  that was a long time ago and we shant speak of it (more like we’ve been advised not to by hoards of lawyers).

Features Include:
– Multi-Touch pinch-to-zoom where supported, or double-tap to zoom in, tap the zoom-out button to zoom out
– Batch download multiple maps in the background
– Quick links to the MTA’s online route details
– Create custom home screen shortcuts to any map or quick-link
– Choose where to save you map tiles (defaults to SD Card)






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