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March 27, 2010

PRO Version 1.2.6
Download: http://drdmkt.com/pt
Source Code: https://github.com/ghackett/AppAlarm

AppAlarm is a new kind of alarm. In short, it gives you the power to turn any app into an alarm clock. I originally created this for use with Pandora and Slacker Radio, but it’s evolved into a fully functional way to schedule tasks.

Confirmed working with:
Pandora Radio,
Slacker Radio, (turn on auto-resume in Slacker settings)
StreamFurious Pro (via Home Screen Shortcuts),
Stitcher Podcast Radio, (turn on “Play Favorites on Start” in Stitcher settings)
Quick Boot (requires root),
Stock Android Music app (via Create Shortcut -> Music Playlist),
1Kill (for scheduling the death of annoying tasks),
EventGhost (for scheduling actions on your PC)

UPDATE: Google Listen v1.1 broke support for AppAlarm, however Stitcher‘s new update to version v1.1 makes it work almost perfectly with AppAlarm (it’s also a really nice alternative to Listen and they’ve got a very responsive dev team). To make Stitcher work correctly, you must go into Stitcher’s settings and turn on “Play Favorites on Start.” WARNING: There is 1 minor flaw in Stitcher where if all your favorites are marked as read/heard, Stitcher won’t start playing. So if you don’t have a lot of favorites in Stitcher you should probably set your backup alarm to “Always Play” or set a 2nd alarm to another app for a few minutes later (never set two AppAlarms for the same time).

UPDATE: AppAlarm v1.1.7.4 brings a bunch of updates including support for StreamFurious Pro via the new “Home Screen Shortcuts” option, which allows you to select one of the existing shortcuts on your home screen as your alarm’s app.

LITE Features:
-Multiple alarms
-Pick any app
-Create shortcuts or pick them from the home screen
-Launch custom “AnyCut” style intents
-Play backup alarm while launching app
-Choose a specific Pandora Station
-Experimental support for Google Listen
-Force close the app when the alarm is done
-Backup and Restore your alarm settings to you SD card

PRO Features:
-Everything in the LITE version
-Repeating alarms
-Launch even if on call
-Network test and option to play backup if the test fails
-Turn wi-fi on/off
-Wifi timeout options
-Custom timeouts
-Set media volume

If you discover any interesting uses for AppAlarm, why not share them with the world on the episode6 boards!

Change Log:

–Now free and Open Source

–Bugfix attempt

–Last minute bugfix for Nexus One problems with “Home Screen Shortcuts” picker

–Major backend re-write & cleanup. Should make it much easier for me to add new alarm-specific features
–Backup & Restore alarms to/from SD card
–New snooze dialog with 2 different dismiss options (“Dismiss Alarm” and “Dismiss & Kill App”)
–The “Stop App on Dismiss/Timeout” has been changed to just “Stop App on Timeout” (since you now have a choice of how to dismiss on the snooze screen). Most folks will probably want to leave this option unchecked unless you’re worried about your alarm going off when you’re not there.
–The basic network test is now included in the Lite version (wifi & volume control is still pro-only)
–Attempted bugfix for using the battery timeout when the phone is plugged in and fully charged

–bugfix for cupcake cause I broke the pro version in v1.1.7.3 (sorry)

v1.1.6.3 &
–bugfix for random flashing lights
–(PRO) Experimental Google Listen support

v1.1.6.2 &
–bugfix for folks who experienced too many “next alarm set” notifications. These were occuring because the android system broadcast ACTION_TIME_SET happens way too often on certain phones, which causes AppAlarm to reset its next alarm. The alarm is still being set in this update, it’s just been silenced (same goes for the alarm reset on boot)

v1.1.6.1 &
–Bugfix for Cupcake users (released before the two week pro-exclusive was up, so had to make new version numbers)

v1.1.7 (Pro exclusive for 2 weeks)
–Bugfixes from v1.1.6
–New App Selection Option: Create Shortcut
just like long-pressing on an empty part of the home screen and choosing “Shortcuts”
enables compatibility with music playlists
–New App Selection Option: Home Screen Shortcus
allows you to pick from a list of your existing shortcuts on your home screen
enables compatibility with Streamfurious Pro http://drdmkt.com/16u – First open Streamfurions Pro, long press your desired stream (doesn’t work with podcasts), and tap “Create Shortcut.” Then open AppAlarm, tap “App To Launch,” then “Home Screen Shortcuts” and find the Streamfurious shortcut you just created (it will be the name of the station you selected).
–New AlarmList Long-Press item: Copy Alarm
Long-press on an alarm in the alarm list to make a copy of it. The copy will be disabled. Please make sure not to have 2 alarms enabled for the same time of the same day.
–New AlarmList Long-Press item: Test Alarm
Launches the full alarm procedure as if it had just gone off (except it wont disable a non-repeating alarm). Useful for testing out the compatibility of custom intents.
–Direct Dial option has been removed from the App Selection menu as it is now supported via the “Create Shortcut” option.
–Custom intents using URI_INTENT_SCHEME are now supported. If the Data field of your custom intent starts with “intent:” or contains “#Intent” then the Action and Type fields are ignored and the URI_INTENT_SCHEME is assumed (also, the Action field becomes a label for the app). To see this in action, try selecting a Home Screen Shortcut, then long-press on “App to Launch” and tap “Edit Custom Intent”
–Added “Share Custom Intent” feature. This allows you to share the custom intent you created (or selected via the Create Shortcut/Home Screen Shortcuts options) as a simple link that is then readable by any Android phone with AppAlarm installed. The link that is generated is very long, so AppAlarm will automatically try to shorten it with Bit.ly. To share your custom intent, open the alarm and long-press “App to Launch” (or press the MENU button). This feature was created as an early attempt to support Streamfurious Pro (before I figured out how to read shortcuts from the home screen). I’m not sure how useful people will find this, but it seemed interesting enough to leave in for now. There is also a VERY BETA web app to build intents from your PC and create AppAlarm compatible links. You’re welcome to play with it if you’d like, but it will not be officially supported just yet. http://episode6.com/ibuilder.

v1.1.6 (LITE only, bugfix release)
–Fixed backup ringtone FC issue on Android 2.0+
–Fixed Timezone changed bug

v1.1.5 (Xmas day release, all updates are for both LITE and Pro versions)
–Added “Stop When Done” option to force close the launched app when you dismiss the alarm. It seems to work perfectly with Pandora in my tests but it causes problems with Slacker. READ THE WARNING
–Tweaked the auto-show snooze timing, this should prevent it from interfering with the app that is launching. If you depend on your phone to wake you up in the morning, it might still be safer to set a backup alarm (with the stock alarm clock app) for a few minutes later than your AppAlarm, just to be safe, until you are confident that this feature works.
–You can now un-snooze the alarm, which will restart the alarm service timeout (it acts just like the snooze time ended)
–Added an automatic force-close to pandora (if that’s the app you’re launching) before launching the alarm. This resets Pandora in case you left it paused the last time you used it. I did not include the same check for Slacker because force closing Slacker seemed to have ill effects in my tests (it doesn’t seem quite as robust as pandora in its current form).

v1.1.4 (LITE update only)
–Fixed bug that prevented the LITE version from appearing on the Market for certain devices.

–Added ability to choose which Pandora Radio station to launch

–Fixed bug in Mute-Snooze

–Added Mute-Snooze Feature (required a new permission DISABLE_KEYGUARD)

–Fixed “Test” button in the custom intent chooser

–Add option to direct dial at user request. When the dial intent is used, the speakerphone is turned on and in-call volume is set to it’s max level.

–Added support for small screens
–Synced version numbers

v1.0.1 (LITE update only)
–Added option to stop nagging

–Initial release


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